Creation and Mission

Real Property Management (RPM) was established in 2015 as an agency within the Alabama Department of Finance, creating centralized management of real property through construction management, facilities maintenance and management, and leasing management. RPM’s mission is to provide responsible stewardship of Alabama’s state-owned and leased real property. We serve many people including members of the public, state agencies, schools, property owners, tenants, design professionals and contractors.


The costs for construction, maintenance, and leasing of real property in the state government comprise a significant portion of available resources. Furthermore, as one of the largest owners and operators of buildings in Alabama, the State is a major consumer of energy.


The goal of centralization through RPM is to establish comprehensive real property asset management practices to achieve immediate and long-term cost savings and cost avoidance, to increase operational efficiency, to optimize opportunities to move from leased spaces to state-owned spaces and to establish office space standards. Additionally, RPM is to guide the incorporation of energy efficient practices and behaviors into daily and long-term operations of state government which will preserve natural resources, conserve energy and water, and reduce waste.

RPM Divisions

  • Division of Construction Management (DCM): Promulgates and enforces the State Building Code through plan reviews and inspections as well as administration of state-funded contracts. The State Building Code is limited to any construction on state-owned property, all public and private schools including kindergarten through twelfth grades (K-12) and post-secondary education, hotels/motels and movie theaters. Municipal and county-owned projects must meet ADA Standards.

    DCM project architects assist with planning for the construction, repair, remodeling, enlargement, renovation, furnishing, refurnishing, improvement or relocation of buildings, structures, and facilities for state departments, boards, bureaus, commissions, agencies and offices. DCM includes the Home Inspectors / EIFS Inspectors Licensing Division which issues licenses for applicants after confirming compliance with state laws. Administration of the Construction Industry Craft Training (CICT) Program is carried out by DCM staff in conjunction with the CICT Board.

  • Division of Facilities Management (DFM): Supervises the management and maintenance of the capitol building and all other buildings and property owned or leased by the state in Montgomery; services include carpentry, electrical, grounds maintenance, heating and air, painting and plumbing. Team members are currently focused on life and health safety improvements while developing a master plan for the capitol complex infrastructure. DFM also includes Central Mail Operations which provides mail collection, processing and delivery of both interagency and USPS mail for the Montgomery area state government official mail, resulting in cost savings.

    DFM is developing a statewide plan to maintain and increase operational efficiency through ongoing and preventive maintenance, addressing deferred maintenance and increasing energy efficiency. DFM will eventually provide statewide guidance on standards, policies and procedures to achieve improved operational efficiencies of state buildings, facilities and structures.

  • Division of Leasing Management (DLM): Oversees Executive Branch leases of real estate and manages a variety of building projects, reviews real estate leases for compliance with State law, competitive market pricing, and inclusion of required provisions, terms and conditions that are allowable and favorable to the State.

    DLM is in various stages of developing and implementing the following directives: To formulate a statewide leasing plan for offices and other needed lease space for state departments. To maintain and manage an inventory of all state leased property. To review and approve or disapprove all real property leases and to make recommendations through the Assistant Director of Finance for Real Property Management, to the Director of Finance. To develop and implement standards for real estate lease agreements. To administer and monitor all real estate lease agreements. To contract with other agencies, corporations, entities or individuals for the management and the procurement of leasing of real property for any state department.